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CheckRide Brochure

The CheckRide Builder is used to create the scenarios. Scenarios contain a header to setup the flight environment, a briefing with text and optional graphic and a collection of steps containing triggers and actions. There are optional settings for weather, scoring, difficulty, maps and background radio chatter (text to speech or audio files).

To progress through a scenario each step action has to be performed by the pilot. Step triggers include aircraft performance data, radio tuning, being at a certain location and voice input. Actions are typically instructions for the next step trigger.

Furthermore, a scenario can contain random weather changes and aircraft system failures.

A Flight Monitoring system allows to evaluate the flight accuracy and other flight conditions throughout the scenario. Multiple monitors can be defined for different conditions. The optional scoring system allows for deduction of points for inaccuracies or failed conditions.


CheckRide Builder main user interface.

Notes to CheckRide Builder:

  • Scenarios can be copied to create a similar scenario, but maybe with a different difficulty level.
  • Completed scenarios are exported to a file and then imported into the CheckRide Console. A import password can be set if required.
  • A exported scenario can also be imported back into the CheckRide Builder for modification. Scenarios can be protected from modification by 3rd parties if required.
  • The export file contains everything necessary for flying the scenario, including any maps used and radio chatter audio files.
  • Multiple scenarios can be combined into a single export file. Example: A complete Flight Training course.
  • Two scenarios are included in the Builder. Those are the same scenarios as in the CheckRide Console under Scenarios. This will give you an introduction to scenario building.

3rd party provisions:

BajuSoftware places no restrictions on anyone wishing to distribute scenarios in a commercial or ‘freeware’ environment. It is expected though that anyone providing scenarios will also provide support for them. BajuSoftware will not provide any support for scenarios built and distributed by a 3rd party. Each scenario contains information to identify each scenarios author and how to receive support.

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