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Free Flight provides a fully featured Instructor Station. It allows the saving of Startup Location and Weather Condition favorites for a quick flight setup.

Flight Setup

Custom Startup Location and Weather Conditions can be also set.

Custom Weather
Custom Location


An Aircraft System Failure feature allows the setting of certain emergency situations throughout the flight.

A moving map with aircraft performance data can be displayed as well.

If a Localizer/Glideslope and/or VOS Station has been tuned, a localizer graphic  and/or VOR circle is shown.

The flaps and gear status is displayed in the elevation display if an aircraft is equipment with them.

FreeFlight Map with Localizer

A flight recorder allows the recording of any flight. Besides location data, a full set of telemetry is saved for each recording. Recordings can be played back at any time. The telemetry data can be exported to a CSV (Excel) file for further evaluation.

Playback Free Flight

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