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CheckRide Brochure

Scenarios provide scripted flight training exercises and other flight challenges.

Scenarios start on the ground or in the air. A variety of tasks have to be completed in order to progress through a scenario. Monitor functions allow the evaluation of flight accuracy. An optional scoring system provides a rating of a successfully completed scenario.

All performed scenarios are stored and available for playback at a later stage. In addition, a full set of telemetry data is also recorded.

Scenarios are created using the optional CheckRide Builder tool. Scenarios can also be obtained from BajuSoftware or other 3rd party vendors or individuals.


Scenarios contain a briefing and can also include a graphic depicting an overview of the tasks to be completed.

During the flight of a scenario a moving map is displayed. Other scenario related information include any reminders, the next task to be achieved and any current flight data related to the task. Depending on the scenario, not all information might be displayed.


Debrief Screen 25

At the end of a scenario, a scenario debrief is displayed. It shows the track flown with each step (task) completed. Each task can be evaluated with required criteria and actual achieved results.

Scenario playback showing Engine Data. Two modes of replay show a map with flown track ‘breadcrumbs’ and an animated playback option with variable playback speed.


Notes to scenarios:

  • Scenarios are completely independent from the flight simulator. Any scenario works with any flight simualtor that is supported by CheckRide.
  • Scenarios might be required to be flown with a specific aircraft or aircraft type.
  • Two scenarios are included with the software for now. There will be more available over timer either from us or 3rd party vendors. This is for demonstration purposes. The create new scenarios, the Professional Version of CheckRide is required.

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